Margaret Court Dumped As Patron

(reported by ARPA Australia)

Australian tennis great Margaret Court has been dumped as patron of the Specialist Tennis Program at John Forrest Secondary College in Morley because of her public opposition to same-sex marriage. A letter sent to Mrs Court by the Independent Public School acknowledged Mrs Court’s tennis expertise, but went on to explain that the school’s “core values” of inclusivity and diversity differed from Mrs Court’s. “Specifically, the views you hold concerning family and sexuality significantly diverge from those held by this school,” the letter said. Mrs Court was then asked to “confirm that your views align with our college and will allow you to be promoted to our students as someone who values diversity and inclusivity…”

This is now the second time Mrs Court has been axed as a patron of an organisation because of her views on sexuality. In September she was removed as vice-patron of the Cottesloe Tennis club, a decision she described as politically-motivated. “Ian Thorpe can stand for the other side and there’s no criticism but when we stand for our Christian beliefs or God’s side I feel sporting people are very intimidated, they’re put down,” she said at the time.