SUDAN: Christian Refugee Children Denied Food in Camps

(from Voice of the Martyrs)

Since early September, Christian children are being denied food in Sudan’s refugee camps unless they recite Islamic prayers.
A mission aid worker at the camp reports: “The majority [of children] are left in camps, some in a very terrible situation. They are confined in those places. Thus, they are given the choice to starve or they are conditioned to say Islamic prayers before [being] given food. This is not right. These children are Christian. They should be respected for that.”
Since the outbreak of the 2013 civil war in South Sudan, over 700,000 refugees were driven north into Sudan, and almost one million more have fled south across Uganda’s open borders. As a result, many of these refugees ─ most of whom are Christians ─ have experienced additional hardships at the hands of Islamic militants who have taken advantage of their vulnerable situation.
In addition, the government of Sudan continues to sabotage the Christian church and aid organisations in their attempts to efficiently assist these South Sudanese Christian refugees. Sudan has repeatedly, wantonly, and wilfully carried out a discriminatory strategy to hamper the Christian church and religious charitable efforts through the re-zoning, confiscation and destruction of their properties.