Same Sex ‘Marriage’

(reported by ARPA Australia)

With just six days remaining until voting closes, a Newspoll released today shows support for the ‘Yes’ vote has risen from 59% to 62%. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals 77% of eligible Australians have participated in the ballot so far.

WA Liberal Senator Dean Smith’s bill is supported by Labor and is tipped as the most likely proposal to be presented to parliament in the event of a ‘yes’ victory. Senator Smith’s bill offers only limited protection for ministers and celebrants, but Senator Smith told The West Australian yesterday he will not support any further amendments to his Bill to protect conscientious objectors.

Meanwhile, boycotts for venues hosting Coalition for Marriage events have continued, with a Wodonga café the latest business to have its Facebook page flooded with criticism and receive one-star reviews in retaliation for hosting a ‘No’ campaign event last week Tuesday.