WA Infant Abortion Survivors – Petition presented

(reported by ARPA Australia)

A petition with an astonishing 7,243 signatures was tabled in the WA Legislative Council this afternoon by Nick Goiran MLC. The petition calls for an inquiry into the tragic deaths of 27 babies in WA between July 1999 and December 2016. These babies were left to die after surviving an abortion and were provided with no medical treatment. Mr Goiran described the petition to the Legislative Council as “a last resort for access to justice.” He said the 27 deaths were evidence of “systemic failures” because the Department of Health had not reported the infants’ deaths to the Coroner, the Department of Child Protection was never informed about the babies (despite their status as the most at-risk children in the state) and the Ombudsman claimed he had no jurisdiction to investigate the matter.

All petitions tabled in parliament are reviewed by the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs. This committee provides a forum for discussion of the matters raised by a petition and coordinates responses to the petition. ARPA Australia requests that you email this committee before Tuesday 7th November. Ask them to investigate how these 27 infants could be left to die and find out why no government agency had the jurisdiction to investigate them.

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