Academic Study predicts win for ‘No’ vote in plebiscite

‘The Australian’ reports about an academic study of Twitter opinions, which predicts that in the plebiscite about Same-Sex-Marriage the ‘No’ vote  will narrowly defeat the ‘Yes’ vote.

The article (which is for subscribers only) explains how this study comes to this result and that it claims to be uncannily accurate in previous predictions.

Another website also reported on this study, and this article is free for all: Social media study points to a close result in the same-sex marriage vote.

This is contrary to what many media and polling companies want to make us believe. In two weeks we will know it. What we do know now already is, that also the outcome of this plebiscite does not surprise our God and Father. He is the One Who makes it happen and He has a purpose with it. That is reason enough for us to keep praying to God. He determines the outcome of this vote, not the media, not even the Australian people.

Please check out an article published a few days ago on this website: Defeat or Opportunity?

And if you haven’t sent your ballot back yet: there is still time to do so:

If you don’t want to risk the post and are in a capital city, you can hand-deliver your completed survey to an ABS drop-off centre. They’ll be accepted until 4:30pm on November 7.

For Drop-off centres: Click Here.