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US AID Funding Persecuted Christians

The vice-president of the USA, Mr. Mike Pence, recently announced that the US Agency of International Development (USAID) will start to fund Christian groups in the Middle East directly. It appears that there is no help at all coming from the UN reaching the Christians. “People are not happy with the UN; they are using money for administration,” one of their leaders said. The Iraqi Christian leader praises charities like Voice of the Martyrs, Tear Fund, and others. He is positive about the announcement made by Mr. Pence.

However, there are also concerns. Other leaders are afraid that the American help is going to be politicized. President Trump will want to keep his ‘evangelical’ Christian voters happy and brag about this help to Christians. The result of that will be that the high-profile appearance of US aid will bring opposition and resentment from Muslims.

Christianity Today has an insightful article about this matter, which shows us the complications which political interference may cause the Christians in the Middle East: What Arab Leaders Think of USAID Funding Persecuted Christians.