Union found guilty of bullying

The Australian reported that the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and specifically two of its staff members were found guilty of bullying, trying to force workers at a Queensland project to join the union, threatening to remove them from the project unless they joined the union.

The judge found that this threat was a contravention of the Fair Work Act, by seeking to coerce the workers into joining the CFMEU and falsely claiming they were obliged to sign up.

The union was fined $ 45,000 penalty and the two staff workers respectively $ 5500 and $ 4000.

Christians have good reasons not to join a union. They should stand firm and don’t let themselves be bullied into a membership. Know what your rights are.

Super Funds

This is another example that unions don’t always work in the best interest of the workers. Just today another article in The Australian reported that some 300,000-plus Australian retail employees are set to gain what union power has blocked for decades: a choice of superannuation funds. Apparently, as this article explains, the unions receive financial benefits from certain super funds and therefore it is to their benefit to deny their workers choice of super fund. If a worker has worked or is working at other companies, he is forced to have several super funds and pays fees as well as life insurance premiums for each of these funds, which chips away at the yield of these funds.

This same union for Coles workers was already in the news in February of 2016: Union representing Coles workers knew some would be worse off under wage agreement, commission hears.

And here another article from May 2016: Hamburgled: McDonald’s, Coles, Woolworths workers lose in union pay deals 

Here again, an example of how unions are more interested in their own power and money than the interest of their members. And this accusation does not come from Christians who are against unions anyway.