Senate Passes Same Sex Marriage

Prime Minister M. Turnbull stated before and during the SSM plebiscite that religious freedom was more important for him than legalizing same sex marriage.  Unfortunately, he has proven to be an untrustworthy leader. In the whole discussion in parliament it is for him more important to pass the bill to legalize same sex marriage, than to protect the religious freedoms.

Nationals MP Andrew Broad has accused Malcolm Turnbull of showing a “complete lack of leadership” as conservative Coalition MPs show dismay at the likelihood the Dean Smith bill will be passed through the parliament with no amendments.
Mr Broad said the Prime Minister had walked away from enshrining religious protections in a “sneaky way” as the Senate last night rejected all amendments to the Smith bill. The bill is likely to pass the upper house without changes today.

Is it not the time now for Christians to say ‘good bye’ to the liberal party? Should Christian MPs and Senators not come to the acknowledgement that there is no place for them anymore in this Liberal Party?
It seems to me that the Liberals count on the votes of Christians anyway, if it is not their first preference, then at least somewhere further down. As Christians we should come to the conclusion that it is time to teach them a lesson: we need to be taken seriously. Liberals shouldn’t count on our support if this is the way they treat Christian values.

That may mean the collapse of the Liberal party in the next elections. So be it. That will mean some self searching for the liberals thereafter, and a new leader. That is the time we should be there again, and make clear that Christians should have their input and should be listened to. We do have a message for Australia and we must not give up. The best way to get this message through at this moment is by withdrawing support from all those who ignored God’s commandments and the protection of Christian values in this matter of legalizing same sex marriage.