Uprising in the USA?

Things aren’t going well in Washington DC. There is a lot of unrest.

President Donald Trump is certainly shaking up things in Washington. It looks like he will be able to get his new tax bill through congress, achieving an enormous simplification of the tax code, which may create millions of new jobs and spur some extra economic growth. Of course, the liberal left is not happy with this and is presenting this new tax code as favoring the super rich. I don’t know how much truth is in it, but the fact that other countries are worried about their competitiveness if the USA adopt this bill, is a sign that something must be right in it. If the USA becomes more competitive on the economic scene, then that must mean more jobs for Americans.

On another note, President Trump is presenting a new National Security Strategy, which is compared by some to those of Truman and Reagan, and with that is standing in a great tradition. This contrary to the national security strategies of the last four presidents, which has shown to be a failure. Of course, many will see this differently and reject his national security strategy. But it is undeniable that Trump is doing what he promised during his election campaign. The American people, frustrated with the failures of previous administrations, elected a president who promised to ‘Make America Great Again’. Whatever you may think of his plans, whatever you may feel about this man, you can’t deny that he is doing what he promised. Those who disagreed strongly with him during the election campaign, will therefore continue to disagree strongly with him now that he is president.  And it is nothing new that his political opponents disagree with his plans and let it be heard to all those who are willing to listen.

But why then are there even rumors of an uprising in the USA? Another American Revolution?

Some speak about ‘a defining moment for the Republic’. Many officials of the Obama administration as well as liberal activists are gearing up for huge protests. Eric Holder, former President Obama’s attorney general, is drawing a few red lines (Yes, we know, the Obama administration was infamous for its many red lines). Another one is telling his followers that he is stocking up on gear to take to the streets, this coming weekend.  And the left’s activist organization ‘’ is in the process of planning for such a protest.

In a tweet, Eric Holder claims to speak on behalf of the vast majority of the American people, when he forewarns the Republicans in congress. Does he have a letter from the vast majority of the American people to speak on their behalf? Did they elect him to do so? Did they sign a petition to him to speak for them? He doesn’t mention anything about that, but he knows for sure that he speaks on their behalf.

And this is all because of a rumor that President Trump is going to fire the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Sarcastically, this rumor was spread by one of their own.

Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate the ties between Donald Trump’s election campaign team and Russia. This investigation seems to be falling apart after it was discovered that several of those working for Mueller have ties with the Clinton campaign team or for other reasons can be suspected of bias.

Why would Trump want to fire Mueller? With what is going on around this investigation and with the exposal of more and more dirt from the Clintons and even the former president Obama, Trump doesn’t need to discredit the investigation of Mueller. Trump certainly is frustrated with this whole distraction that the investigation has become. But there is nothing in it that is threatening to him, at the moment. The longer this is going on, the more the trespasses of Trump’s opponents will be exposed and the less the people will take this investigation seriously.

Trump himself, asked if he was planning to fire Mueller, simply responded with ‘No, I’m not’. His legal counsel, Ty Cobb already mentioned on Saturday that there are no plans to fire Mueller. On Monday, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci confirmed this again. This confidence may be an indication that Trump knows in his heart that he has done nothing wrong as it relates to Russia or that sort of stuff, as Scaramucci said.

So, that being said, everyone can go home again and rest easy, because the Republic is not in danger? Unfortunately, that is wishful thinking. The liberal left will not rest until they find something to rise up against. Trump may not fire Mueller, but they will find something else to draw their red lines. Until the entire country sees red. The fortunate thing for them is: as long as they are drawing their red lines there where they know Trump is not going to cross them anyway, they don’t need to erase them again, as Obama so infamously did in Syria. But in the meantime they are creating an atmosphere of suspicion, even hatred. They give the impression that this president cannot be trusted. That they are the ones who must constantly be on guard and warn this president not to cross their red lines.

Rumors are going now that the FBI in the days of the Obama administration was actively trying to stop Donald Trump from being elected president of the United States. And these rumors are getting stronger now with the surfacing of the conflicts of interest that are present with the team of Mr. Mueller and others at the Department of Justice.

Suspicions are being raised that the FBI offered Christopher Steele $ 50,000 to confirm the Trump dossier of the FBI. 

There are demands in Congress for an investigation into a report that the Obama administration undermined an anti-Hezbollah task force for the sake of securing a nuclear deal with Iran.

And of course, there is the unrelenting demand from Republicans, for years already, to investigate Hilary Clinton’s role as secretary of state in Benghazi gate and her use of a private email server for state business.

My take on the whole situation in Washington DC is that the liberal left is scared that under president Donald Trump all their wrongdoing is going to be exposed and therefore they try to raise such a great stink about anything president Trump is doing, so that it will distract the attention from their own evil deeds. Or they even try to bully the present administration, hoping that it will sweep everything the previous administration officials did wrong under the rug. I think that they had never expected that Trump would win the election and therefore weren’t prepared when Trump did take office.

Whatever it is that drives them, we can’t see this as anything else than rebellion against a lawfully elected government. As I said before: you can agree or disagree with many of Trump’s policies and actions, but he is doing what he promised to do during the election campaign. He may not be politically correct, but what he is doing is consistent. He is certainly shaking up things in the USA.

Threatening with an uprising in the USA, as the left is doing now, is only bluff poker. Emphatically stating that you speak on behalf of the vast majority of Americans, without having any substantiation or proof for that is a sign of weakness. Drawing ‘ABSOLUTE Red Lines’ is another sign. We all know what happened to red lines under president Obama. It is important that President Trump does not hesitate to call their bluff. When a state is being ruled by the street, then it descends into chaos.