Lenient sentences blamed for increase of crime

The head of Victoria’s police union and the state’s Victims of Crime Commissioner have blamed the lenient sentences which youth from African background receive for their violent crimes in Australia, for an increase of crime. Mr Andrews said the largely African and Islander youths had a “wanton disregard for the safety of others”. The police is frustrated because of this. Whatever they do, it doesn’t help because the judiciary doesn’t take the situation seriously by imposing way too lenient sentences.

This is not the first time that this complaint is being heard. Recently the “High Court ruled that a 3½-year jail sentence handed to a man who sexually abused his partner’s 13-year-old daughter, resulting in her becoming pregnant, was “manifestly inadequate”. The High Court decision said despite the “devastating” consequences of the crime, incest sentences had been “anomalously low” in Victoria for more than 30 years.This is reported by The Australian in an article today. This article mentions a few more examples of blatant disregard of the courts for the seriousness of crimes. What is wrong with our courts?

What is wrong with our courts is also what is wrong with our society. It is hypocritical when many in our society start clamouring for stricter sentences, while at the same time people rail against those who once in a while, as ultimate remedy, spank their kids. If the government is supposed to impose stricter sentences and deprive criminals of their freedom, would it not be good that we start with accepting that children should be taught law and order and respect for others? If necessary and nothing else helps, should we let children grow up with disregard for the wellbeing of others, or would we rather give them a good spanking? The first can derail their life, while the latter only hurts for a moment but may bring long lasting gain. I’m not a big supporter of spanking children, but I do acknowledge that there are some situations that it may be necessary.