Protests in Iran

Iran is one of the most totalitarian states, this one a Muslim state.

It gives the appearance of being a democracy, with elections for president and for parliament, but whatever parliament or the president do, it all has to be approved by the highest persons in the country: the religious leaders. There is a strict security regime, and the religious police will not tolerate any threat against the totalitarian Muslim regime.

From time to time the people do show their discontent with the regime. In the past there have been protests, but they often led to nothing. In 2009 there was a nationwide protest for reform. However, not much has changed.
Now again, there are several protests in several cities in Iran. It started off as a show of discontent about rising prices and about alleged corruption. However, some chanted ‘Freedom or death’, and ‘Political prisoners should be freed.’ It seems to be broader than just about money and discontent with the economic situation. People do want their freedom. You can suppress the people for a while, but not forever. The political uprisings in Eastern Europe in 1989 and 1990, in the time of the Soviet Union communism, were not so much about hunger, but more about the desire to have freedom.

Update: These demonstrations in Iran has gotten the attention of world leaders now as well. President Trump warned Iran that America is watching the developments in Iran and he condemned the arrest of protesters. Read more news in The Australian.

What these demonstrations in Iran will lead to, we don’t know. Only the LORD knows. However, hopefully the western media will take note and support the protesters, as well as realise that the threat of totalitarian Islam is growing in our western countries as well.

More can be found here, in WA Today.

A good article about the threat of Islamist extremists can be found in the Australian. Chris Kenny explains that the Islamist extremists are winning in western democracies. As long as we are not willing to engage in a serious debate within and about Muslim communities in our midst, covering the triumphalist and resentful elements of the faith that are shared by the mainstream but taken to violent ends by the extremists. Unless we are willing to face the truth, all the bollards in the world cannot save us from other terrorist attacks like the one in Melbourne recently.

Read this article here in The Australian.