Australia wants to sell pot to the world

“Australia legalized patient access to medical cannabis at the federal level in 2016, but rules differ at the state level. Recreational news is still forbidden nationwide.” Thus CNN reports in its section ‘Money’.

One can wonder why CNN reports this in its ‘Money’ section. The answer is: Marijuana, or cannabis, is big money today. Australia wants to get its share of the global cannabis market. After The Netherlands and Canada became mayor players in the market for the sale of medical cannabis, Australia doesn’t want to stay behind.

Mr. Greg Hunt, federal member of parliament for Flinders and minister of Health, released a statement on his website yesterday (4 January), in which he announced the decision of the Turnbull government  to allow the export of medical cannabis. Although he mentions that the goal of the government is in the first place the safe quality supply of medicinal cannabis to Australian patients under proper medical supervision, he does state that he wants to level the playing field for the domestic medical cannabis products industry. However, we may expect once this domestic industry is growing and is in need of seeking a market to sell its products, the push will also come to legalize marijuana for recreational use as well. Money often speaks louder than concerns about the medical wellbeing of the population.