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Public Hearings for WA Dept of Health Review into Surrogacy and Reproductive Technology

The WA Department of Health has moved to the next phase of its review into the Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 and the Surrogacy Act 2008.  The review, which began in January, is now holding open public consultations with no appointment required. The consultations are being held in Perth on Friday 13th April and in Bunbury on Monday 16th April. More information about the review and the locations of the hearings can be accessed from the Department of Health website.


Of concern with this review are comments by WA Health Minister Roger Cook, who stated that one of the review’s aims is to adjust the state’s “outdated” and “discriminatory” laws so that gay men who desire children can have them using a surrogate mother.  Other matters of concern include laws about research and experimentation on gametes, eggs and embryos as well as matters surrounding genetic testing and the collection and storage of gametes and embryos from people who have passed away.

ARPA encourages members with knowledge and interest in this field to attend a consultation session and bear a Christian witness. Session times and locations are available from the Department of Health.  As preparation ARPA recommends a comprehensive policy report by ARPA Canada called ‘In Vitro Embryo’ [PDF download] as well as a media statement from the ACL summarising its concerns about the inquiry.