Life versus Choice in WA

On Saturday, the 26th of May, 20 years after the parliament of Western Australia decriminalised abortion, pro-life campaigners gathered in Perth in the Supreme Court gardens, to mark the 20th anniversary of this very sad event. A display of 3300 crosses was set up, each cross representing 50 babies aborted since WA legalised abortion in 1998.

Pro-Life rallies are being held in many countries, rallying against often liberal abortion legislation. Recently, Ireland voted in favour of liberalising abortion, which was until now forbidden in this country. It is a sad state of our Western society when we see that the ‘right’ to have an abortion trumps the right to life for the unborn. It is also sad to see that those who do defend the most weak and vulnerable in our society, the unborn, are largely being ignored by the media.

However, once in a while some media do report on those rallies. And that was the case in Western Australia, with the rally on the 26th of May. WAToday reported on this event under the title ‘Life v Choice: Campaigners mark 20 years of legal abortion in WA’. It is good to see this. The title (‘Live vs Choice’) is also very applicable and to the point. This is, indeed the choice: what is more important: life (of the unborn) or choice (ultimately for sexual liberty without consequences)?

However, one can also notice that the comment section is still completely empty. With so many people glued to the internet, having nothing else to do than leaving their often immature comments all over the comment boards of the media, it is remarkable that this comment section remains empty. Why not? Maybe because there is no interest for this article?

Anyway, if you do have the opportunity, please let the author (Nathan Hondros) know that you appreciate him paying attention to this rally. His contact information can be found on his personal page at WAToday. Just click on either the ‘mail’ or ‘twitter’ icon at the top of the page.