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“I want my sex back” – documentary

Part of the whole gender rights movement is that people who ‘don’t feel happy’ in their body, should have the right to ‘change gender’. Grammatically, it is incorrect to speak about changing gender, while is meant a change in sex. Gender refers to behaviour, while sex refers to biological and physiological characteristics. So when talking about surgery to ‘change over’ from male to female, we speak about ‘sex change’. Crossdressing, that is dressing up boys like girls and girls like boys, is ‘gender change’.

In the Bible, God has something to say to His people regarding these matters (see Deuteronomy 22:5; Genesis 1:27). I don’t need to explain here what the Biblical teaching is on these matters. We know that God’s Word contains wisdom and following this wisdom, we will be blessed. We also know that because of sin, life is not perfect and there are much grief and unhappiness. We know that in this life on this earth, life will not become perfect. We cannot buy happiness or create happiness if it doesn’t come from the heart. Real happiness can only be found where we find peace with God, the Creator, and live in the hope of the resurrection of the body at the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We live in a world in which many think that if you have enough money, happiness can be bought or made. And if you don’t have money, then the government should help out. If you think you feel happier after a sex change, then the government should make it possible. Millions of dollars are being spent every year to accommodate these requests.

However, more and more now, it becomes clear also in the lives of those who reject God, that God’s Word is wise. With regard to sex change operations: more and more we hear about regret after a sex change. The change didn’t solve the problems, didn’t create the happiness people were expecting, and it appears that many of those who went through a sex change, want to commit suicide sooner or later after the change.

The website posted a video about this matter: ‘I want my sex back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex’. is a major Russian news website in the English language. It is amazing to find this video on this website.

The video begins with an introduction in which a part of Genesis 2 is being read about God creating Eve. In the video, three persons who underwent a sex change, are talking about their experiences, and about their regrets.

As I said, it is amazing to find this video on this website. Amazing, because of the good contents. It lets the Bible speak. It approaches the subject from a Biblical perspective. It does speak about these persons’ life with God. It does so, generally, in a good way. Only towards the end, in the 25th minute, we hear about a personal experience of one of the three in which he had a vision of Jesus Christ appearing to him. This was the only part where I had major reservations. There are a few more minor issues, but not so much that I cannot recommend watching this video.

These persons speak about what led to their desire to change their sex. It is mentioned a couple of times that sex abuse during their childhood led to them feeling unhappy in their body. This shows how terrible and demonic child sex abuse is. It can totally destroy the life of the victim and lead to a lifelong struggle. Child sex abusers carry a huge responsibility! And all those who cover up these sins or allow it to happen, share in that responsibility.

At the same time, this video makes it clear that once you start changing your body, by hormone treatments or surgery, you will never be satisfied. After the one change, you want another one. Much more is involved than just changing the genitals. The problem is often that those who for whatever reason are ‘not happy in their body’, have an ideal in mind, someone of the opposite sex, to whom they look up. After the changeover, they are still not happy and want more treatments, change their voice, etc, in order to look more and more like their ideal.

The major point being brought up in this video is that surgery or hormone treatment is not the answer. The answer is, dealing with the reason why you are not happy in your body. It can be sex abuse in the past, it can be other things which happened during your childhood, or generally the way you have been raised, or it can be unhappiness about how you look, or as a result of negative sexual experiences, or many other reasons. Ultimately, it often comes down to: you don’t like yourself.

In the video, it is mentioned that in these situations what people need is psychotherapy and not sex change surgery. What from time to time shines through in this video is also faith. It could have gone more into depth about this, but at least it is being mentioned. Which is more than you can expect from many Western-based websites.

This is a good video to watch, to get a good idea of what we are talking about when we speak about sex change, about what leads to it, why it is not the answer, and what are often the results of such operations. I do not recommend watching it with children, but with older youth, it may be a good starting point for parents to have a good discussion with them.