ARPA urges action: write your Legislative Assembly Member

ARPA Australia reports that currently, a Bill is before the WA Parliament, which, if passed, will allow male same-sex couples and single men to access surrogacy in order to have children. ARPA reminds its members that this proposal totally contravenes God’s design for the family, exploits women and places the rights of children as secondary to the desires of adults and is therefore wrong.

ARPA has been advised by a source inside parliament that a vote in the Legislative Assembly is likely to happen this Tuesday. Christian politicians said that the situation is no longer just urgent, but it is an emergency.

ARPA urges all ARPA members and supporters to write to your Legislative Assembly (‘Lower House’) Member telling him/her that you do NOT want this legislation passed.

To find who your local Lower House member is and his/her email address follow these steps:

  1. Visit this website and enter your postcode.
  2. Note down the ‘Electoral District’ name linked to your postcode. Generally, it will be similar to your suburb or an adjacent suburb’s name (e.g. Armadale, Darling Range, Southern River).
  3. Go to this website and scroll down until you find your electoral district. Your Legislative Assembly member’s name will be listed, along with his or her email address. You can also click on the member’s name for other contact information.

Once you have your member’s email address, write a short, personal email. It is better to write a short three sentence email than nothing at all. Here are some tips:

  1. Title the email: ‘Human Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy’,
  2. Address the email to your member with ‘Dear…’ and conclude it with your full name and full residential address.
  3. Emails are more powerful when written in your own words. They do not need to be long! For topic suggestions you can refer to some or all of the following ideas:
  • Be clear that you would like your local member to vote against the Human Reproductive Technology And Surrogacy Legislation Amendment Bill.
  • State you believe that a family unit consists of one man and one woman who are married to each other, and this is the only legitimate relationship which can have an expectation of receiving children.
  • No couple, including heterosexual couples, have any right to receive children. They are a blessing from God.
  • The state government has no business in facilitating children for single men and homosexual couples.
  • This bill sacrifices the rights of children in order to fulfill the wishes of adults. It deliberately creates fatherless or motherless children.
  • While it is true that many single parents do an admirable job raising children and deserve community support, there is a big difference between making the best of an unfortunate situation and deliberately creating a situation where children will be knowingly and deliberately deprived of at least one of their biological parents.
  • It is misleading to claim that the postal survey on same-sex marriage legitimises this radical change. If anything, this Bill proves that the same-sex marriage debate was about much more than just allowing people to marry, justifying the 4 in 10 Australians who voted against it.
  • It is misleading for the Health Minister to claim that “a growing body of research” justifies this experimentation with the family unit. Children flourish the most when brought up by their own father and mother.
  • It is misleading for the Health Minister to claim that this change needs to be made in order for there to be equality between men and women. In the last ten years, no West Australian woman has applied for surrogacy.
  • Surrogacy allows adults to trade and bargain with human life. It risks commodifying women, allowing their reproductive and child-bearing capacity to become commercially available for men to access.
  • Governments have in the past experimented with the forcible separation of children from their biological parents on racial grounds or because mothers were unwed, with horrific long-term consequences.
  • Mention that you appreciate your local member’s work for your community and continue to remember him/her in prayer.
  • You may wish to comment that your member voting in favour of this legislation will affect your vote at the next state election.

For more resources on this topic, you can also visit  and see this press release from the ACL.

ARPA has also written to every member of the Legislative Assembly.