In the news this Month in Australia:
 March 2018:

End of Life Choices Inquiry: Committee hearings on Live Broadcast

When will you pay that bill?

WA Equal Opportunity Commission to host Political Correctness forum on 15th March.

ARPA to testify at WA End of Life Choices Committee hearing.

WA Health Minister reaffirms support for anti-protest ‘safe access’ laws.

Tasmania: ACL petition calls on Tas Labor to restore conscience vote on euthanasia.

February 2018:

What about Barnaby Joyce?

Victoria: Reason Party launches bid to remove charitable status from religious groups

ARPA to testify at WA End of Life Choices Committee hearing

Australian Christian Lobby Releases Tasmanian Election Guide

Pro SSM groups openly lobbying for removal of religious exemptions

The ABC and a car loan

January 2018:

“We don’t know who we are”

December 2017:

Greens planning to introduce Australian Bill of Rights in parliament

Lenient sentences blamed for increase of crime.

PM Turnbull reshuffles cabinet

Hate is called love

Australia Legalises Same Sex Marriage

Two Speeches on Marriage Bill

The decline and fall of political culture


November 2017:

Senate Passes Same Sex Marriage

Conservative MPs move five amendments to SSM bill

Marriage under attack

Euthanasia in Victoria, not in NSW

Surprising Responses to Euthanasia Bill

This is Democracy: MP under fire for his convictions

Same Sex Marriage Approved: What Now?

Union found guilty of bullying

WA: Year 12 Students Writing their exams

Academic Study predicts win for ‘No’ vote in plebiscite

WA: Infant Abortion Survivors – Petition presented


Same Sex ‘Marriage’

Government Support for LGBTIQ+ causes

The Reformation


October 2017:

WA Police: Ban kids from social media

31 October: Survey return hits 77% mark

Euthanasia laws pass Victoria’s Lower House

Margaret Court dumped as patron of the Specialist Tennis Program

Participation Marriage Postal Survey at 74.5% 

Australian Christian Lobby’s ad rated MA15+

City of Sydney passes motion: free use of its halls for same-sex weddings