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“LORD, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.

Before the mountains were brought forth

Or ever You had formed the earth and the world,

Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.”

(Psalm 90 : 1 – 2;  NKJV)

in the news:

March 2018: 

Increasing restraints to Religious Activity in China

Prophecy and the Pope’s Deal with China

February 2018:

Seal of the Prophet Isaiah found?

Evangelist Billy Graham died – 21 February 2018

Hungary: Too many smiling, dancing, white Christians

Increased Persecution in India

January 2018:

Middle Eastern Christians in dire straits – but the West doesn’t want to know


December 2017:

Church attacked in Egypt

Hungary: PM Viktor Orban’s Christmas Message: Worth reading!

Merry Christmas: What Jesus, descendant of David, promises mankind

Christmas and Cricket: Two lost articles of C. S. Lewis rediscovered

RC Sproul: Great reformed theologian, relieved from his task on earth

Hate is called love

USA recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Which news is important?

Chinese churches likely to suffer more

Pakistan: Misuse of the blasphemy law


November 2017:

Celebrating 60 years of reformed education

Outraged all the time: Why Christians can’t be.

Australia: No consensus on protection of religious freedoms

WA: Faith-based schools under threat

Persecution in Pakistan

House Church in Indonesia pressured to close.

Canada: Criminal Law protections for worship services saved

The Netherlands: Church Split and Church Union

USAID Funding Persecuted Christians

Pray for the church in China

China: Atheism Confirmed

About ‘Voice of the Martyrs’

Desperate for Water

Romania: Extreme Opposition


October 2017:

The Facts About Persecution

MALI: Militants Attack Churches in Northern Regions

NEPAL: President Signs Anti Conversion Bill into Law

SUDAN: Christian Refugee Children Denied Food in Camps

EGYPT: Orthodox Priest Murdered by Extremist

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