In the news this month:
march 2018:

Prophecy and the Pope’s Deal with China



Feminine beauty

Evangelist Billy Graham died – 21 February 2018

Too many smiling, dancing, white Christians

Push Back Against China

US House Memo released: Crime or not?


France in Crisis. Why?

USA reverses Obama-policy on marijuana

December 2017:

Protests in Iran

Education and ideology in China

Frozen embryo born after 24 years

Uprising in the USA?

Cosmic rays, solar activity have greater impact on climate models

#MeToo and mob justice

‘Judge and jury fake news’

USA recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel

California on Fire

The conflict between social networks and parents

Scientists vs. democracy

November 2017:

Should the government guarantee higher taxes for your children in return for lower taxes for you?

Democracy on its way out?

Scientists vs. democracy

Princeton scientists announce discovery of “sex chromosome”

Canada: Maoist Struggle Session at Wilfrid Laurier University

Electric cars: an inconvenient truth

CANADA: The Supreme Court as Reformed Synod?

Facebook: Big Brother watching over you?

USAID Funding Persecuted Christians

Canada: Euthanasia – developments

China’s ‘Chairman of Everything’: the New Emperor


October 2017:

Euthanasia blocked in 27 US States this year