Documentaries – reviews

From time to time it is good for family life, to sit together and to watch a good documentary. Whether it is about science, about nature, about history or something else. Something that can create an interesting and edifying discussion. The problem is: where do you find this kind of documentaries? There are so many out there, which are all considered very good by many, but which are often filled with unchristian ideas. Or are merely focused on keeping yourself busy with nothing, mere distraction.

Which are good to watch? Which can help us teach our children? Which do promote some good understanding of God’s magnificent work? Within the communion of saints we can benefit from the experience of others. We don’t have to make the same mistakes as others. Or we don’t have to check everything that is out there all over again if others have already done it for us. Therefore, we hope to post reviews here of material, which can either be recommended or not, which can also give some warnings or some pointers. We will also link to other reformed sites where you can find good reviews.

reformed perspective

Reformed Perspective is a magazine for the Christian family, which mainly aims at the membership of our Canadian sister churches. On the page for literature we mention Reformed Perspective as a good source for book reviews. Reformed Perspective also has a limited number of media reviews which may be helpful for you.

Another blog of Jon Dykstra, the editor of Reformed Perspective. A longer version of some of the reviews in Reformed Perspective can be found on this blog as well.