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Contemporary Christian Music

                                                Introduction The topic of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) has led to a lot of discussion and confusion in our circles. What follows is an adapted version of a report which I wrote for the consistory with the deacons of the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott, to give direction in how to judge CCM in… Continue reading Contemporary Christian Music

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Attempt to church unity in the Netherlands

In June of this year, after severing the ties with the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands, Synod Bunbury of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (FRCA) decided to maintain contact with two small church federations in the Netherlands. These churches are usually referred to with the acronyms DGK and GKN. DGK stands for De Gereformeerde… Continue reading Attempt to church unity in the Netherlands

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“I want my sex back” – documentary

Part of the whole gender rights movement is that people who ‘don’t feel happy’ in their body, should have the right to ‘change gender’. Grammatically, it is incorrect to speak about changing gender, while is meant a change in sex. Gender refers to behaviour, while sex refers to biological and physiological characteristics. So when talking… Continue reading “I want my sex back” – documentary

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Religious people live longer

“The Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science (SPPS) released a study last month demonstrating that religious people live longer.” That is what Fox News reported recently. Researchers found that religiously affiliated people lived between 5.64 and 9.45 years longer than those who were not religiously affiliated. However, there is no reason yet for Christians… Continue reading Religious people live longer

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Persecution Continues – China Update June 2018

Persecution continues Authorities in China continue to enforce new laws and regulations to tighten government control over the nation. The net is being cast wide and far. Not only are churches persecuted. Schools and universities, are also targeted. The government wants these institutions to fully embrace and teach atheism.   Chinaaid reports that universities in… Continue reading Persecution Continues – China Update June 2018

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The Burning of the Wooden Shoes – Christopher J. Gordon

The attempt by churches to make themselves more acceptable to the world and to attract more members has led to a decline in those churches. We’ve seen a warning example of this in the Netherlands in the RCN (GKv). The following article by Christopher J Gordon [i]shows how this attempt to be more accommodating to… Continue reading The Burning of the Wooden Shoes – Christopher J. Gordon

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World Population to reach 11.2 Billion in 2100

The website publishes from time to time nicely done graphics to present statistics in an attractive way. Recently it published a graphic that makes the growth of the world population visible, and how it is divided over the continents. It is an animated graphic which leads you through the years from 1950 to 2100.… Continue reading World Population to reach 11.2 Billion in 2100

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23 April: The End of the World?

Every so often you can read ‘prophecies’ about the end of the world. Often these ‘prophets’ claim to have a special kind of revelation through which they are able to understand the Bible better than anyone else, even better than our Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Matthew 24:36-44; Mark 13:32-37). The Rapture Now again, there is… Continue reading 23 April: The End of the World?