Reformed News Foundation

The ‘Reformed News’ website is set up by the Reformed News Foundation.
The object of this foundation is to support the members of the Free Reformed Churches in Australia and others in developing a Biblical worldview and Christian lifestyle and to support each other within the communion of saints to remain faithful to Christ by means of the Reformed News website.

The foundation has adopted the following practical goals:
1. To help the church members to develop a Christian worldview by publishing articles about news and developments in the churches, in our society, in politics, in the world, approaching these events from a Biblical perspective.
2. To help the church members find their way in the overload of information coming to them through the media and internet and to use this information discerningly by commenting on how events are being reported and analyzed.
3. To help church members live in family, church, and this society and fulfill our duties as church members and residents of our country in a Christian manner, so that by our words and our deeds we may let our light shine in this world.
4. To help the church members find good Christian websites by providing links to those websites, as well as, where necessary, provide commentary on how to use those websites.
5. Provide a platform for the members of the churches to inform the other members about activities in and by the broader church community, the schools and other organizations in our circles, to support the communion of saints.
6. Provide a (moderated) discussion forum for those studying and working in the academic world, to help and encourage each other to let the message of the gospel be heard in universities and other institutions of higher learning.
7. Allow the church members to share practical information that can be helpful for others.
8. To foster greater knowledge, awe, and thankfulness for God’s great works.

The foundation delegates this task to an Editorial Committee, which is responsible for maintaining the website. The editors can invite other contributors to submit articles. The editor of each section, together with the Editor in Chief, decide what will be published. However, the sole responsibility for the contents of each article lies entirely with the author of the article.