book reviews:

In the future we hope to post a number of book reviews, of books which we can recommend, or do not recommend for certain reasons.

For now, we provide you with some links to pages with book reviews. The writers of these book reviews are of Reformed background (either Free Reformed or a member of one of our sister churches).

This does not mean that we agree in everything with what they write. Their review is totally their own responsibility. Nevertheless, we have confidence that those reviews will be beneficial for you.

reformed perspective

Reformed Perspective is a magazine for the Christian family, which mainly aims at the membership of our Canadian sister churches.

Reformed Perspective has a lot of reviews on Children’s, teens and adults books, both fiction and non fiction, picture books, and biographies. It also has a section for popular but problematic books. And a few book excerpts.

Really good reads

Really Good Reads is a blog of Jon Dykstra, the editor of Reformed Perspective (see above), where he posts several book reviews. This site may be very helpful, because he usually gives thorough reviews and good recommendations.


The following sites don’t offer complete reviews but rather give a short introduction to books which they are selling.

pro ecclesia publishers

Pro Ecclesia is dedicated to the promotion of good Christian Literature to the glory of the LORD God. Founded in 1981, it can be found at Forrest Road in Armadale. Pro Ecclesia operates the Pro Ecclesia Publishers, Pro Ecclesia Printers, and the Pro Ecclesia Bookshop.

The Study (Previously the interleague publication board)

‘The Study’ is the new name of an organization which was formerly known as the ‘Inter-League Publication Board’, or ILPB. It is a non-profit organization operated by members of the Canadian Reformed Churches who commission and publish Reformed books to enrich and promote the study of Scripture.

All literature recommended and published by The Study must be faithful to God’s infallible Word, as confessed in the Three Forms of Unity held by the American and Canadian Reformed Churches.

rev. wes Bredenhof (yinkahdinay)

On his blog Yinkahdinay, Rev. Wes Bredenhof presents a number of books, most of them his own books, with a short introduction. He also has links where these books can be ordered.