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Atheism confirmed

ChinaAid, a Christian website run by a former Chinese national, reports that China’s official newspaper, People’s Daily has warned Communist Party officials not to “pray to God” or have contact with religious leaders, reminding them that communism is about atheism. Party officials must remember Karl Marx’s guiding words that “Communism begins from the outset with atheism.” Some officials have been caught participating in “feudalistic superstitious activities”, party speak for religious worship. The paper added “Superstition is thought pollution and spiritual anaesthesia that cannot be underestimated and must be thoroughly purged”.

A recent article in a Communist Party journal says that party members should not have religious beliefs, which is a red line for all members. Party members should be firm Marxist atheists, obey party rules and stick to the party’s faith. They are not allowed to seek value and belief in religion. Foreign “forces”, says the article, are using religion to infiltrate China which is a threat to the country’s security and social stability. Some foreign forces have used religion to infiltrate China.

The government uses these “straw man” arguments as an excuse to persecute the Christian church and people of other religions.

One Chinese commentator, Eugene K. Chow, makes a very thoughtful comment: “While the Communist Party has developed increasingly sophisticated ways to manipulate its citizens, it remains to be seen if the government can successfully subvert a religion that has withstood repeated repression over its 2,000 year history. Given Christianity’s long, enduring track record, party officials are perhaps rightly worried.”

The believers in China are comforted knowing that the Lord is in control as clearly revealed in Psalm 2.