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Canada: Criminal Law protections for worship services saved

Andre Schutten, Director of Law and Policy of  ARPA Canada, reports on the proceedings at a Justice Committee meeting of the House of Commons in Canada, as the committee debated the amendments to Bill 51 and the clause on s. 176 which gives enhanced protections to worship services in Canada’s Criminal Code. The government of Canada had introduced this bill to make a number of changes to the Criminal Code in Canada. One of those changes was that the protection for worship services would be removed, meaning that anyone could come in and disturb a worship service without facing criminal charges.

This proposed change did not go unnoticed and ARPA Canada encouraged Christians to contact the government and write to their MPs.

Schutten reports that during the committee meeting, the committee members over and over again referred to receiving an “avalanche” of letters asking them to keep this section. Some said that changed their minds. It is by God’s grace that the government listened. ARPA Canada posted a short update video on its Facebook page.

Also the National Post reported on this.

This again shows, that it does make a difference, when Christians speak up. It is God’s grace that we still have governments which do listen to us.

Thanks and praise be to God!