Marriage under attack

ARPA Australia reports some  other marriage-related news:

• The WA Education Minister, Sue Ellery, has backed the board of John Forrest Secondary College for writing a letter to tennis legend Margaret Court in which they told her she could no longer be a tennis mentor and role model for students because her views “concerning family and sexuality diverge from those held by this school.”

A row has erupted over a mural on the side of a Sydney hotel which depicts former Prime Minister Tony Abbot as a bride engaging in a sexual act with Cardinal George Pell. The mural was painted by a prominent Sydney street artist to celebrate last Wednesday’s ‘Yes’ result, but within a day three men painted over the mural, saying it was pornographic and offensive. On Friday night 20 Catholics gathered at the site to hold a prayer vigil.

• MPs who have declared they will abstain from the same-sex marriage vote are continuing to receive abusive phone calls and social media posts. One of the explicit posts against Andrew Hastie was has been revealed by The Australian as coming from the personal account of a journalist from the Mandurah Coastal Times, the newspaper for the city where Mr Hastie’s electorate office is located. Rick Wilson, the MP for O’Connor, told the Albany Advertiser the abuse he had received this week had only strengthened his resolve to fight for protections.

• Perth’s Catholic Archbishop has confirmed same-sex marriages will not be officiated in Catholic churches, but there appears to be less uniformity amongst WA’s Anglican clergy.

• The Australian company which sent over 10 million text messages encouraging Australians to vote ‘Yes’ in the marriage survey has been revealed. The donated messages, which would have cost $500,000 at commercial rates, cannot be considered to breach privacy laws because the company’s coding software did not retrieve the phone numbers from a database but instead randomly generated them.