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WA: Faith-based schools under threat

As was predicted, the legalization of same-sex-marriage (which still has to happen) will not be the end of the crusade of the gay-movement against Christianity. Now they are going after the faith-based schools. Australians are not allowed to have different opinions than theirs, and what is the best way to change the opinions of future Australians, if it is not in the schools?

ARPA Australia reports:

The exemption of faith-based schools from aspects of WA’s anti-discrimination laws is likely to come under renewed scrutiny, following revelations today that South Coast Baptist College in Waikiki removed a gay teacher from its relief roster last month. The School’s principal told PerthNow that although the teacher was “loved and respected” by both staff and students, a “suggestive” image he posted on social media (which was subsequently uncovered by students) showed an “inconsistency with his beliefs on sexuality and the college’s beliefs.” The ability of religious schools to discriminate “in good faith” in accordance with their beliefs when hiring staff and enrolling students is coming under scrutiny, with the WA Government seeking legal advice on the ability of religious schools to discriminate, particularly on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. WA’s premier, Mark McGowan, told 7 News Perth this evening his government “will investigate what legislative action would be possible in the future,” saying he believed a teacher’s sexuality was “irrelevant… and that’s the way schools should operate in this day and age.”

ARPA Australia encourages you to contact the Attorney General and your local state MPs, asking them to protect the current exemptions for religious schools.