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Outraged all the time: why Christians can’t be

Lots of stories go around on the internet, on Facebook and other social media, or are being forwarded by email, preferably to all the contacts in your address book. Those articles, which speak about dreadful things government authorities and other organisations are doing, whether it is in the USA or in our own country or other places on earth, and which urge us to take action, send emails, or do other things.

After some checking of the facts it often appears that these stories are either a hoax or grossly misrepresent the facts.

Christians can get so easily outraged about nothing. And often forget to stand up there where their action is really warranted.

We should become more discerning. Fake News doesn’t become true, even if it is sent (forwarded) to you by someone you know.

Reformed Perspective has a good article about this: Outraged all the time: why Christians can’t be. It is short and to the point and certainly worth reading.