Meditation: Genesis 27

Reading: Genesis 27:1-29

Here Moses describes events which do not seem very useful. In summary we learn that Isaac commands Esau, his first born son, to hunt a wild animal, provide a meal and receive the first-born blessing. However, Rebecca and Jacob deceive Isaac to bless Jacob instead. It even seems like child’s play for Jacob to give his father goat meat instead of venison, and pretend he is Esau by putting on hairy skins, in order to get the blessing by a lie.


But Moses has a serious message. Sin still has much harmful influence in Isaac’s family. Despite this sin, God continues with His gracious work and promises. In this family are not only sinful people who so easily generate conflict and division; the Lord is also part of this family. In fact, this family is the early church. Through the covenant God has united Himself to this family / church. He has given rich blessings and promises to the church through Abraham and Isaac. Through Jesus Christ God will gather His church members from every nation; the believers will be as many as the sand on the sea shore (Gen 22:17). God will give eternal salvation to every believer. God does this “sanctify My great name” (Ezekiel 36:23).


The blessings are to be passed on from father to son, in this case Isaac to Jacob. Isaac, who thinks in a human way, ignores that Jacob was the heir to the first blessing (Gen 25:23). He intends to bless his eldest son Esau, even though Esau was not faithful; he despised his birthright and married heathen women. God however had chosen Jacob rather than Esau as the church father. God therefore ensures that Jacob is blessed, because it was His will to gather the church from Jacob’s generations. God, whose ways are higher than our ways, sovereignly continues to gather His church in his way and with people of His choosing.


Key verse: Genesis 27:28 “Therefore may God give you, of the dew of heaven, of the fatness of the earth, and plenty of grain and wine.”


Question: Did Jacob deserve the first-born blessing above Esau? Why?