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Family Week 2 – 8 August

This week is the second Family Week. For information about what Family Week is, see my previous article last month.  This is an initiative from and for the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott, but I invite others to participate as well, if they want.

This is the material for this week:

1. For Sunday or Monday: Sermon outline Revelation 19:1-10
There is a sermon outline with some discussion questions for the morning sermon. It would be good to do this before the Bible Study.

2. For Tuesday (or another day): Bible Study
There is an outline for the Bible Study on Revelation 19:11-20:10. The recording of the Bible Study can be found online at the YouTube account of the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott.

3. For Wednesday (or another day): Confessional Reading
There is some material for the confessional reading. The reading is again from the Belgic Confession, this time article 3 and 4.
The attached document has three parts.
– The first one is a basic explanation of art. 3. This should be suitable for children as well.
– The second and third parts are more in-depth, for catechism students and older, for those who are interested in doing more than just the basic material. Part 2 is about the Bible Text (in the original languages) and about translations, text editions, etc. Part 3 is about inspiration and illumination, as well as different (heretic) views on the Bible.

I encourage you all to take the time to be with your family and study the Bible and confessions.
Please also look around for members whom you could invite to join for one or more evenings.

Brothers and sisters, have a blessed family week.