Bible Study · Meditation

Family Week 6-12 December 2020

This week is Family Week again in the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott. For all those who are not a member of the FRC Kelmscott: feel free to join in. The material is available online. If this is new for you, you can read about Family Week and its intention in a previous article on this site.

There is a sermon outline for the Sunday morning sermon available here. The sermon can be watched online as well at the youtube account of the FRC Kelmscott.

There is a Bible Study on Nehemiah 13, available to watch online, also at the youtube account of the FRC Kelmscott. An outline with questions for this Bible Study is available as well through this link.

For Wednesday (or any other evening if that works better for you) there is a confessional reading available, about Belgic Confession art. 12 and 19.

Brothers and sisters, have a blessed Family Week!