Bible Study

Bible Study Revelation 2 & 3

The Bible Study for Revelation 2 & 3 is available. This time I have a longer and a shorter version.

Revelation 2 and 3 form a unity: the seven letters to the seven churches in Asia. I wanted to keep them together in this Bible Study. If I also want to go in a bit of detail about the seven churches, then it gets a bit long. The longer version, which has more about the individual seven churches, is 51 minutes. The shorter one, which focuses mainly on the elements that all the letters have in common, and only has a little bit about each of the seven churches, is 22 minutes.

The link to the short one is here: Revelation 2 and 3, short version.

The link to the longer one is here: Revelation 2 and 3, long version .

I also made an outline to go with it and it would be helpful if you have this outline available. It is in PDF available here. 

Tonight, 21 April 2020, I will be available to answer questions starting at 8 pm. You can type your question below in the comment section.