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Bible Study Revelation 10 and 11

The Bible Study about Revelation 10 and 11 is ready to go. It is available on the YouTube account of the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott. An outline can be downloaded here.

With the changing situation and the Bible Study Clubs being able to get together again, starting next week, I will finish this Bible Study series. We came to Revelation 11. My plan is to start a series of sermons, beginning with Revelation 12, this coming Sunday, 7 June 2020. The recording of the worship services of the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott can be watched at the same YouTube account of the church.

Revelation 10

Between sixth and seventh trumpet:

Chapter 10 and 11: two parts. Just like after the sixth seal (ch. 7).

Sixth trumpet: 6:21 : and they did not repent.

First response: ch. 10: John being told to prophesy.

Second response: ch. 11: The two witnesses.

Strong Angel:

Mighty angel: see 5:2. See also 18:1.

This one is the most powerful.

See 1:16.

Cloud: Ex. 13:21, Rev. 1:7, 14:14-16. Also Daniel 10:6 !

Angel who is very close to God.

Seven Thunders:

voice of God. Ps. 29: seven times: voice of God!

seal it up (see Daniel 12:4,9). Still some secrets, for the very end.

Angel on the sea and the land:

Swore by the eternal God: the Creator of everything Who never changes!

Daniel 12:7 : time, times and half a time. Here: there should be delay no longer. Seventh trumpet is coming.

God’s mystery: God’s revelation to His people, His Word: His plan: finished: From beginning to end.

John eats the scroll:

John becomes part of the vision. Eat it: make it his own, take it to him completely.

Sweet: God’s Word, God’s commandments, are sweet: see Psalm 19, 119.

Sweet: beautiful message. Bitter: also punishment, sorrow for the unbelieving world.

John must prophesy again:

About many peoples, nations, tongues and kings: again the number four.

Daniel 7:14, Jeremiah 25:15-29 : God and Christ have authority over all nations!

Ezekiel 3:6 : Ezekiel not sent to many nations but to Israel. Now: John goes to many nations.

John first addressed the church, ch. 2+3. Now, to all the nations.

About: also ‘to’. About: see later parts of this book. To: see chapter 11: two witnesses preaching to the world.

This strong angel: back to 5:2 : reminder of the heavenly throne room.

Refocus: the scroll which was sealed (5:2) is now opened in his hand (10:2).

The Book/Scroll :

‘little book’ and ‘book’ synonyms, used interchangeably. Book also translated as scroll (ch. 5).

Scroll is opened now. See vs. 7: the mystery of God would be finished.

For this entire chapter: cf. Ezekiel 1- 3: the calling vision of Ezekiel. Many similarities. Ezekiel 3: he had to eat the scroll, sweet as honey.

Revelation 11:

John measuring the temple:

Ezekiel 40-44

To measure: especially protected, reserved for God: the temple, the altar and the worshipers.

The outer court is given to the Gentiles.

In NT: the temple is the Church. Place where God dwells, where His people is protected by Him. Altar: the prayers of the saints. That is where the congregation comes to worship: the worshippers.

Outer court: the holy city, given to the gentiles: tread underfoot everything that was formerly considered holy. But the ‘holy city’ had rejected Jesus! Is not holy anymore and will be destroyed.

42 months:

42 months: see Daniel 12:7 : time, times, half a time.  = 3 years 6 months, see James 5:17 : drought in time of Elijah.

3.5: symbolic number.

Vs. 3: 1260 days

See also verse 9: 3.5 days.

Gentiles will tread the holy city underfoot: 3.5 years: also the time of prophesying of the two witnesses.

42 months seems to be long, but is limited. Not indefinitely. Only half of 7.

The outer court will be trampled underfoot, but the temple, the worship service: that is the Church, will be protected by God: It will continue throughout all those 42 months!

The Two Witnesses:

The two olive trees and the two lampstands: images from the temple!

Lampstand: see ch. 2-3 : the church!

Signs in vs. 5 and 6: the signs of Moses and Elijah. Law and the prophets. Preached by the Church.

God allows time for the world to trample the court and the holy city: time also for prophesying: preparing the world for judgment.

The witnesses killed:

Finish their testimony: Preached to all nations. Matt. 28. God’s judgment comes.

But before that: The world’s response: reject the Word, kill the preachers.

Beast from the bottomless pit: Rev. 20:3. Very last moment of the end time. This beast leads the war against the Church of Christ.

3.5 days: not months but days. Needed for the world to make the measure of their sins full, by not burying them, vs. 9, and by showing that they celebrate, vs. 10.

On the street of the great city, spiritually called Sodom and Egypt: example of God’s wrath in OT.

Where also our Lord was crucified: Jerusalem compared to Sodom and Egypt.

Crucifying Christ: now by killing the witnesses. Not the Jews in those days, but all unbelievers!

Name Jerusalem not mentioned. Reserved for the New Jerusalem.

The witnesses resurrected

Breath of life from God: God’s Spirit.

Resurrection of Christ: now also His Church will be killed and raised with Him. Christ is Life!

As Christ ascended up to heaven, so also the witnesses: in a cloud.

Vs. 13: Great earthquake: tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand were killed.

Ten percent: tithing: first fruits: this is the beginning. More to follow.

7000: large amount. But still limited.  

The rest were afraid and gave glory to the God of heaven.  Different from 9:21.

The whole earth bows down for God and for Christ, now they accept His Kingdom!

Now the seventh trumpet can sound!

Seventh Trumpet:

Vs. 15: all kingdoms of the earth acknowledge Christ as King.

Vs. 16: 24 elders worshiped, joined the voices in heaven, praising God.

Vs. 17-18. Praise is also announcement of God’s judgment.

Vs. 19: then the temple was opened: God’s throne. The ark of the covenant.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Very often we see themes from the Old Testament coming back in Revelation: from Exodus, Ezekiel, Daniel, but also several other books. The mentioning of the temple and the altar in chapter 11 also shows continuity between Old Testament and New Testament. Often we speak about the Old Testament shadows which are fulfilled in Christ. But the New Testament also indicates that there is continuation. In which ways do we see continuation between OT and NT?
  2. The Two Witnesses have power to punish the enemies of God’s Word: all those who try to harm the Church (the two witnesses). Should we be more bold in praying to God to punish those who resist the progress of the preaching of God’s Word?