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Spectacular Dinosaur Find in Alberta, Canada

Here is a link to an article on the website of the Institute for Creation Research. It is interesting to see how for the longest time it was believed to be impossible that skin and other organic chemistry would survive the millions of years in which the evolutionists believe.

However, now that dinosaurs have been found with skin tissue still present, it is assumed, without proof, that it is possible. Instead of challenging the popular theories, scientists are going to change their assumptions, not based on lab tests, but in order to fit the facts into a theory that they have made.

Read the article: Spectacular Dinosaur has skin, horn, pigments by Brian Thomas, M.S.

Other articles have been published, for instance in National Geographic. Even though someone is being quoted saying ‘The dinosaur is so well preserved that it “might have been walking around a couple of weeks ago,”’ and  ‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’ nevertheless, the writer of this article does not even want to entertain the thought that this find is a huge challenge to the existing theories about the age of the dinosaur fossils and of the earth. Unfortunately, this kind of reaction is not surprising anymore. Doesn’t the Bible tell us, in Romans 1:18, that human beings in their ungodliness suppress the truth in unrighteousness? Doesn’t the Lord Jesus teach us in Luke 16:31, that even though one rise from the dead, they will not be persuaded?