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The Devil’s Ministry of Propaganda

It is a year ago now that Mr. Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States. A lot has happened in one year.

We notice that, still, the mass media are out in full force to vilify Mr. Trump. They do whatever they can to show him as the worst president ever. One Democratic representative started a campaign to try to impeach the President. News media publish articles in which it is suggested that the top military might refuse to obey if President Trump pushes the red button to engage nuclear weapons in a battle against North Korea.  The media eagerly report on all mistakes he makes and every time he goes off script or does something that is not ‘politically correct’.

However, looking at his achievements in the first year, one could get a totally different picture. In his first year, he has more than doubled the economic growth rate (although, admittedly, the question is how much of this extra growth is the result of his actions), created nearly two million new jobs, and he reduced illegal immigration by about 80 per cent. The stock markets apparently have confidence in him. The Dow Jones Index rose from 19,083 a year ago to 23,430 today, which is an increase of almost 23 %. In the same time the Australian ASX rose only 11 % and the Canadian TSX only 8 %. On the international scene, under his leadership the US led the rout of ISIL, and convinced China of the unacceptability of North Korean nuclear military capability. Even though the world may ridicule him, they do fear him, more than the previous president who constantly drew and erased new red lines.

In the Canadian ‘National Post’, Conrad Black exposes this hypocrisy of the media. He states that Trump is, after one year, already the most successful president since Ronald Reagan.

The Canadians among us will probably know that Conrad Black himself has some strong opinions and is not unbiased either. Nevertheless, he does present some hard facts which are difficult to deny.

What is even worse, is that most of the media has come to the point that they show a blatant disrespect and disdain towards the President of the United States. It is not just respect for Mr. Donald Trump that is at stake here, but the respect for the office of the President of the United States. In the past, the Americans could be heavily divided during election campaigns, but thereafter, if it came to international conflicts, they united behind the president and stood firm as one nation. That is gone. Many of the elite would rather see Trump fail, even if that means a weakening of the United States on the international scene. And on the national scene they would rather see chaos and disobedience to the Trump administration, than a flourishing and united country, even though it is under a president who doesn’t always pay a lot of attention to decorum.

Whatever you may think of Mr. Donald Trump and his sometimes unwise and tiresome actions, he remains the President, the government ordained by God, and as such he is worthy or our respect. The Bible teaches us to obey the government.  He is not our government (except if you live in the USA), but still he is a government ordained by God see Romans 13:1-7), and therefore, even though we may from time to time disagree with actions of a government, we still have to show respect for what God instituted.

A country that continues to show a deep disrespect to those in authority will ultimately end up in chaos. And that is exactly what the Devil wants. It is his goal to sow distrust, jealousy, chaos, misery, hatred. At the moment it looks like he is quite successful in using many of the elite media in the United States and even in other countries, for his purposes. With that these media have become the propaganda ministry of the devil.

That is no surprise for us, Christians. We know that the Devil is the Father of lies, he doesn’t hold to the truth. He even can’t, because there is no truth in him, see John 8:44. Our Lord Jesus Christ already made that clear. With that, the Devil has become a murderer from the beginning. Do we let him go and do his destructive work, even applauding him from time to time? Or do we as Christians stand up for the truth, showing respect for what God instituted?