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Drifting away from holiness

People don’t drift towards holiness. They drift towards compromise and call it tolerance, and drift towards disobedience and call it freedom”

Maybe the events of this week are a reflection of the above. Australia has been drifting for a long time, and this became quite clear when God visited via a plebiscite. The unholy dancing in the streets is but temporary; from the one perspective it is “a loosening of the bonds” (Ps 2) whilst from a Godly perspective it is disobedience called freedom.

What actually caught my eye was the statement that people don’t drift towards holiness. It is easy for us to identify where society at large has drifted towards what one might call ‘freedom’. The challenge, however, is not to let events of the past week lull us into a false sense of security: “I’m not like them!”. The challenge is to keep the focus on Godly living for us and our children, and to identify where we might be drifting.

When we understand that sanctification is an ongoing process, a renewal which the Spirit works in us which results us in living with delight according to the will of God, then we realise that this requires action. And so there ought to be no room for drifting.

Rather, let it be a striving towards holiness!

With Christian greetings,
M Plug, Principal