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Changes to Australian education system recommended

For some time now there have been concerns in Australia about the declining levels of academic performance in schools. There has been a steady decline in literacy, mathematics and science performance among Australian students for over a decade! How can Australia turn this trend around to return to having one of the top quality education… Continue reading Changes to Australian education system recommended

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Who am I?

Identity. Who am I? Who am I really??? The short answer to this question is quite simple: I am God’s child. And this should always be the starting point when we give ourselves the luxury of internal self-seeking. This needs to be the rock-solid truth that we come back to over and over again, also in… Continue reading Who am I?

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Would you miss Facebook?

What’s on your Facebook today? Maybe a birthday notification? New friend recommendation? Event notification? Photo of what your friends did yesterday (which you should tag!)? Even more important, what buttons will you hit in response? Does Facebook need you more than you need Facebook? Can you do without Facebook? Can Facebook do without you? With… Continue reading Would you miss Facebook?

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We don’t want costly schooling!

Public schooling may appear much less costly than Christian schooling (or homeschooling) but is it? Can our children be used to “witness and influence” in an unbelieving school culture? Sharon Bratcher in Reformed Perspective writes about the “need to renew our dedication to Christ-centered, Christ-honoring education”. She quotes Pastor Voddie Baucham, at a Ligonier Conference,… Continue reading We don’t want costly schooling!