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Merry Christmas: What Jesus, descendant of David, promises mankind

Several newspapers will mention something about Christmas, even if it is only by writing about the nativity scene, or others by giving advice how to spend time with family and friends, or how to cook your Christmas dinner.

Some heads of state, presidents, queens or kings, will have a special Christmas message.

Most of the time these messages have some good thoughts, superficially touch on religion, or speak about peace on earth.

It is refreshing to read in a secular newspaper an article with quite some more substance about the real meaning of Christmas, which also connects this meaning to the present world. In the National Post, one of Canada’s national newspapers, I read a Christmas message which speaks about the Son of David, as well as about David himself. And more, it speaks about the need for the coming of the Son of David, because of our sins. About the need for the Son of David to bring reconciliation, to restore what by our sins has been corrupted.

We can criticize this article because of where it falls short. I don’t want to do it. I am thankful for what this secular newspaper does say about the birth of Jesus Christ. This article is presented as the view of the National Post: the official viewpoint of the Newspaper.

The good news Christians celebrate at Christmas is that the imperfections of earthly justice are not the last word. There is a more profound justice, accompanied — but not replaced — by mercy, that can truly restore what has been lost, reconcile what has been driven apart. That is what Jesus comes to accomplish, the son of David.

Read the entire article! I am grateful that still such articles can be published in the secular media.