Education Gems

Keep sound wisdom

“… keep sound wisdom and discernment.” (Proverbs 3:21b)

The opening assembly focused on the above text which challenged both students and teachers to reflect on the critical question, How do we keep sound wisdom?

In contrast to being smart and clever, Scripture strongly exhorts us to get wisdom, to chase after it, to hold it, to treasure it. This requires action from everybody. Scripture does not tell us to be the smartest, most clever person in the class. When it comes to schooling Scripture tells us to use the gifts God has given well.  This is because the level of our intelligence is a gift of God. There will always be those who perform better at some things than others.

So what do we do to keep sound wisdom? Jesus said, “hear and do these words of mine” (Matt 7:24). So when we are told to get wisdom, it is quite simple. It means to live as God’s child. It means to love the Lord, It means to think about your life and how you serve Him.  That is the sound wisdom we need to keep.

Some examples for our schooling this year:

  • You keep your locker tidy because wisdom teaches you that you look after what God has given you. That is wisdom.
  • You look out for the best interests of those in your class; you don’t pick on others because they are different than you, more clever than you, or you’re trying to protect your own little circle of friends. You do this because wisdom teaches that you are all God’s children, equal in his eyes. That is wisdom.
  • You are willing to reach out to the student who seems to be left out of things, you include them even at cost to yourself. This is because wisdom teaches you that life is about service, and not self.
  • You don’t engage in dirty jokes and silly talk; bullying behaviours are out. That is wisdom.
  • You use your class time well, you have a high degree of respect for teachers, you are kind, caring and compassionate. You do this because wisdom teaches these are qualities of God’s children who receive the gift of the Holy Spirit in their life. That’s the wisdom you need to keep.

Keep sound wisdom and discretion. Let that guide all of us here at the John Calvin Christian College. Think about the things we can enjoy as a school community when we strive to serve Him. The harmony, the togetherness, the love, care, the friendships and companionship. When that is done, we may also be confident that we will have a great year under the blessing of, our Master!  May He richly bless us!

With Christian Greetings,
M Plug, Principal