Education Gems

STOP and take stock

Today we find ourselves midterm, and with the Labour Day holiday on Monday it might be a good idea to STOP and take stock of how the year is going.

Stop: we live in a fast-paced world and find ourselves moving from one thing to the next. There is always the next thing on our agenda, both legitimate and illegitimate. Why not stop for a moment and reflect? Throw away the clock; stop the rush! When was it the last time you took time to just stop?

Take a deep breath. Now that you have drawn to a halt, take that deep breath. It will help you pause and prevent you from running off again. Actually, take a number of deep breaths while you are at it.

Observe: This is the critical bit. It will take time. Observe what’s happening in your life. Is it dictated by school and homework, and more homework? Are you so called multitasking, with the result that nothing really gets done properly? Are you constantly distracted by technologies? Are you visiting places you know are unholy and damaging to you? Have you got your priorities correct? Is God central or is He an appendix to your life? Do you have time to meditate, to read, to pray? If you are a student, take time to observe what is going on in your life. Ask yourself the hard questions. Expose your heart to yourself.
If you are a parent, have the STOP conversation with your children. Get them to see what you see. Take some time over it, and be prepared to hold the STOP conversation regularly.

Proceed: continue on. Make the adjustments as necessary. If it means less screen time, do it. Or earlier nights, do it. Or less distractions whilst doing homework, do it. Or more exercise, do it. Or focussed devotions, do it. Or whatever, do it!

Yes, do it! STOP!
And, enjoy the Monday holiday.

With Christian Greetings,
M Plug, Principal