Education Gems

Accepting good and adversity from God

We are thankful for God’s protection over the two week break; it was good to be able to welcome the staff and students back to school last Monday, particularly in relation to the dramatic rescue off the Ningaloo Coast.

With the understanding that the result of this drama could have ended differently, we considered God’s hand in the things we need to deal with in our lives. Consider Job; a man whose life turned horribly upside down, even to the point that the person closest to him, his soul mate, told him to “curse God and die!”
His response? “Shall we not accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?”

Now Job was not being fatalistic. He wasn’t saying that whatever happens, happens. Nor was he saying that God is in control, so I can’t do anything anyway. No, he understood that God in His fatherly love works with us to shape us. And if He chooses to do so by means of hard things, it will be OK.
Job responded with Godly wisdom. It’s a wisdom opposed to the foolishness of the world which seeks answers to life in ourselves and wants to keep things within our control. Godly wisdom is the opposite, as it draws us nearer and nearer to the throne of God with: I can’t do it, I need you, Lord! Help me trust You!

This applies to all trials that we must face. There are times when we all have difficulties to carry; personal struggles, family struggles, loved ones with sicknesses leading to death and the like. Difficult stuff, but not insurmountable. The wisdom of the world results in shaking one’s fist to the heaven… Godly wisdom on the other hand, lowers the fist and joins hands together in submission and prayer.

With the words of Ps 92: The senseless fool cannot begin to understand this. But those whom the Lord cherishes, He plants in His house, where they learn to understand and flourish in His strength.

May the Lord bless the work that is done this school term.
M Plug, Principal