Education Gems

Self-less wisdom

We’ve all met him or her. This person doesn’t understand the importance of compromise in a relationship. Nor does he really care about you, and you end up being used. This person doesn’t understand what sorry really means and doesn’t take time to reflect on that either. It’s all about them; their feelings, their achievements, their needs, their schedules, their goals their… as far as this person is concerned, the world has been created for them and spins around them.

Maybe you know such a person. Oh yes! so and so… she exactly fits the bill!  And, if you put your mind to it, it won’t be too long before you can generate a list of people like this. People you may have met a couple of times, or people within your church. Maybe someone in your class, or maybe someone in your friends group. Or, could it be, that that person is me?

Let’s go back in time… a long, long way back. We find ourselves in The Garden; our mother Eve is looking with longing and mulling of those words, this fruit will make you wise! With her, we took and ate, and became fools! We totally lost what we had, and we became this new person nobody really likes. Self-centred, self-deceptive, self-sufficient and self-righteous. We convinced ourselves that the world was created for us, and spins around us.

Sin took away wisdom. And ever since, we have been scurrying around trying to restore that wisdom with little success because we are looking for it in ourselves.

Those who seek true wisdom understand that wisdom has been restored in the gift of Christ. In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col 2). And so, life is not about me and my way. The stuff I am busy with at school is not about my wants, how I feel, what I am getting out of it. It’s about doing what God wants me to do, it’s about being faithful in my walk with Him, even if it costs.

That is wisdom.

M Plug, Principal