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Struggle of M&M – manipulation of the mind

Sometimes we’ve just had enough!

The struggle goes on and on. It seems like it’s a struggle that no one else has. Everyone around us looks like they’ve got it together; they’re happy, content, confident, loving and caring, with nothing to worry about. Everyone! Except me.

This is not about the struggle of sin per se. It’s more about M & M’s: the manipulation of the mind. It’s the struggle between what we know and what we experience. It’s about the direct and frontal attack of Satan in his battle to control our mind.

Everybody faces difficulties. Sometimes they can be somewhat minor, and at other times they are really troublesome. As much as the world thinks that troubles are a nuisance and a distraction, we know the opposite is true. James 2 tells us that the testing of our faith produces patience, and then adds: Let patience have its perfect work that you might be perfect… We know that troubles change us, that they drive us to the Father and that He will give His sustaining grace. We know He is in control and it will be OK. We know that our life is a growing and maturing process. We know we are safe.

However, we also experience the M&M. That’s the struggle, and no, it’s not one that no one else has. This struggle tries to convince us that: I am the only one. No-one understands. The problem has no end and so I can’t share it. The M&M makes the problem bigger than it is. It distorts the difference between normal feelings of sadness and depression. It brings despair. It takes away our joy…it’s a step by step process designed by the champion manipulator to remove us from what we know, love and cherish.

You are a student in the school. You’re anxious, sad or frustrated about something, which is actually a normal feeling. The M&M is there to convince you that your feelings are not normal. Your anxiety increases. M&M tells you your parents won’t understand and that they are too busy anyway. M&M tells you that if your parents knew, you’d be an embarrassment to them. M&M tells you can’t tell  a teacher, because that’s too embarrassing for you. M&M tells you God is about religion and not about life. M&M tells you …

This is not a struggle that you need to ‘grin and bear’. Through this struggle we need to look straight ahead to what we know. Walking by faith will help us see the struggle for what it is: manipulation is evil.
And as we keep struggling, we will also see that this trouble is changing us into Godly children.

That also, is wisdom.

M Plug, Principal