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Christians in Academia

Our Reformed News Website has added a new section to our website. This one is called ‘Christians in Academia’.

In this section we will publish articles about how Christians can give a good testimony while working or studying in the academic world. It is in universities where Satan works hard to win the future leaders and opinion makers over to his side. There Christians also have great opportunities to influence the way of thinking of our society and to win future leaders and opinion makers for Christ, or at least show them what the Christian worldview really is.

We need good Christian academics. At the same time, we know that Christian academics often do not have an easy position in the academic world. Especially if it comes to science, it is hard to get research published that is openly based on or refers to the Bible or our Christian worldview. Therefore, it is important that we support each other and help each other to deal with these difficulties, and turn difficulties into opportunities. Where Satan attacks we should not shrink back, but we must find the right weapons to fight back and defeat him. The most powerful weapon is the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17), which is the Word of God.

However, not only in science it is important that we have good Christian academics. In other areas it is important to exert our Christian influence as well. It is in universities that often philosophies and worldviews are developed. There it is where the future opinion makers are prepared. There also it is where often history is being re-written, as it is being done today according to the rules of political correctness. There also opinions are being formed about Christianity and about the Bible. It is important that we are there, to show those who are studying, that what professors say about God, the Bible, and Christians, is not always true and we can correct negative reports and show how Christians really are and what they believe.

We can complain about the leftist and unchristian bias of the media, but we can also work on training and preparing good Christian journalists, who can work to change the reporting and the way of thinking of our society by showing the news from a Christian perspective. It is important that we support those who are preparing for this task and encourage those who have the talents, to consider going into that direction.

The Church has the task to preach the Word of God to this world, to make all nations to Christ’s disciples. In the Reformed Churches, it has always been emphasised that mission work should be accompanied by good Christian education, because it is through education that you influence the future generations. The communist government in China (and in the past also in many other communist countries) knows very well that if they have the education system in their power, they can mould the upcoming generation in the way that suits their goals best. We also see in our own country how there is a battle going on about the schools and what is being taught in the schools. There it is where all kinds of worldly movements try to drive their agenda. The whole so called ‘safe schools’ program is an example of that. These ideas, however, have already been pushed and promoted for generations in the universities. It started in the sixties already. Now, all those who studied in those days are in positions of power and are able to promote their ideas in our society.

If we want to win our countries back for Christ, then we should start with influencing the areas where our future leaders are being formed. It is a long term strategy. But it is a Biblical one. Paul was sent to kings, governors and even the emperor. To the leaders in the Roman empire. It took time, but it worked, because God worked. His Spirit worked in the hearts of leaders, when they were confronted with the gospel.

The Reformed way of doing mission work, as I explained before, is a Biblical one. Now we only have to realise that we must apply this way of working in our own country and our own society as well. We have to think in terms of generations. We shouldn’t talk about achieving something ‘in our lifetime’. We should focus on the long term. We are doing kingdom work, and the kingdom of Christ is being built throughout all ages. Not just in our time. We will see the result of our work, maybe in our lifetime, but if not, then for sure when Christ returns.