Meditation: Genesis 11

 Reading: Genesis 11

Chapter 10 describes the spreading of the nations over the world. Chapter 11 goes back in time, when there was still one language. In Genesis 1:22 God commanded that people should fill the earth; therefore people must spread. Instead of obeying, they begin to build a powerful civilisation by constructing the city of Babel with a very tall tower; this will keep the people together and build strength. They had forgotten God punished the world for its disobedience with the flood. Today is no different; many churches no longer obey God’s holy Word.


God does something wonderful with the people of Babel: he confuses them with languages. The ambitious project stops as people re-organise themselves into language groups and spread in all directions.


Moses then suddenly changes our attention. He focuses only on Shem’s family. He records its genealogy, finishing with Abram. From now the history of the nations is a minor part of Moses’ writing; now Israel (that is, the church) is the focus.


Key text: Gen 11:9 “The LORD scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.”


Question: The LORD confused the languages and scattered the people over all the earth. What are the consequences of this?