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Has Political Correctnes peaked?

Over the past couple of years, Political Correctness (PC) has run amok. What was common sense in the past or behaviour that was normally accepted even if not all agreed with it, that is now usually attacked by any kind of social warrior from either the alphabet movement (LGBTQ….XYZ) or any other minority group.  Any critical comment by politicians or other leaders or any cartoon depicting a member of those groups in a (slightly) critical way may be expected to come under heavy and relentless attack. Especially any Christian among these leaders can expect to be meticulously scrutinised by these censors.

That this PC behaviour does not have the support of the majority of the population but is tacitly tolerated, becomes more and more clear. For a while, there was an enormous support for Jordan Peterson. During his Australia tour recently, the events where he spoke were totally sold out. His books are bestsellers.


Recently, the Herald Sun published a cartoon by cartoonist Mark Knight about Serena Williams. This tennis star made quite a scene, losing her temper and verbally attacking the umpire, during the US Open where she lost her match against Naomi Osaka. This cartoon and the cartoonist were heavily attacked by the self-appointed PC ‘police’ as being racist.  Normally, the publishing newspaper would issue an apology, distance itself from the cartoonist and go through the dust to appease the PC warriors. However, this time the Herald Sun did not do so. It stood up against the PC madness and defiantly republished the cartoon on its front page, together with many other cartoons which depicted President D. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and a few other well-known persons. With this the newspaper indicated that what should be allowed for the one should also be allowed for the other. The way in which Serena Williams was depicted by the cartoonist was no different than he and others had done with many other people. Crying ‘racism’ at this one is at the least hypocritical and disingenuous, and may even be a threat against the press freedom and the right to freedom of expression.

Also recently, the Evergreen State College in Washington State (USA) saw a ‘catastrophic’ decrease in enrollment, after this college raised a lot of controversy by organizing a ‘Day of Absence’ in May 2017 where all white people were ‘asked’ to leave the campus.

In an earlier article on this website, we reported that the new Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Scott Morrison, had vowed to stand up against the mockery of Christians. More recently, he openly spoke out against what he called ‘gender whisperers’ in the schools and we should ‘let kids be kids’.  Our Prime Minister is a leader who does not hesitate to speak out of his Christian convictions. Recently, he urged people to pray for rain to alleviate the drought.

There are more examples of people and organisations who have the courage to stand up against the PC madness, and recently the media do report about these people, not always in a negative way. It seems as if the leaders as well as the opinion makers start to realise what a large part of the population already felt, that this whole Political Correctness movement has gone way too far and is not beneficial for a good functioning society.

It is important that we show these leaders that we support them. Please, email, ring or message our Prime Minister as well as other politicians who stand up for what is right to let them know that they have our support, and pray for them. And, what is also important, is that we too do not hesitate to (continue to) speak out against what we believe is wrong, not fearing the backlash and ridicule from human beings. Once in a while I see some courageous brothers or sisters from our churches responding to articles or negative comments on Facebook and other places, which is great! That is how a change of the public opinion has to start.