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Reflecting our name

You may have come across this story:
One day, Alexander the Great was resting when a soldier in the Macedonian army was brought before him on a charge of cowardice. Alexander heard the charge and then asked the man, “What is your name?”
In a barely audible voice, the man replied, “Alexander.”
“What is your name?” asked Alexander again.
Once more the soldier replied, “Alexander.”
The king stood up before the man and ordered, “Either change your behaviour or change your name.”

All of us have been given a name; it is our individuality and our identity. Mention someone’s name and something will spring to mind about that person.

We all, however, have been given a name common to us all. It’s the name which reflects who we are, which sits above our individual name, and that is the name of Christ. Having been bought with His precious blood, we have the rich privilege of being named after Him. What an honour!

We just don’t have His name as if this name is a label; we are also given very clear instructions on how to carry this name, and the consequences of doing so: the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. The book of Proverbs gives instruction in choosing the right behaviours that match the name of Christ. The last section of Chapter 4 tells us to put away a deceitful mouth, put perverse lips far from us, be mindful where our eyes look, to think about the path we walk and to remove our feet from evil. There are responsibilities and choices that we must, and can, make.

So the short message is to either change our name (unthinkable!!), or to prayerfully ensure that our behaviours reflect the name we carry.

Our Year 12 students completed their schooling with us this week. The message for them, and us all, is to reflect on the name the Lord has given. It is this that must characterise them. As much as a score in an exam is important, the most important thing is to train their brain to keep good focus on those things that are virtuous, praiseworthy and lead to Godly living.

We wish those sitting their exams God’s blessing!

M Plug