Bible – Life Application

What does the Bible say about a lot of practical things in my life?

We can study the Bible, to get to know God. To get to know more about God’s wonderful work of salvation. So that we will praise and glorify and thank God for all He is and does for us. We can praise and glorify and thank Him in our prayers, in our songs, in talking about Him to others.

God also teaches us that we praise and glorify and thank Him by living a life that is pleasing to Him. He loves to see us live our life in a certain way. If we love God with all our heart and soul and mind, we will do what He loves to see in our lives.

Therefore, besides Bible Study and Meditations, there should also be room on this website for practical life application.

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A Bit To Read

We thank Rev. C. Bouwman, minister of the Canadian Reformed Church in Smithville (and previously also minister in the Free Reformed Churches of Byford and Kelmscott), that he allows us to publish a number of his articles which he published before under the title ‘A Bit to Read’.

These articles are written for the Canadian Reformed context, but are certainly applicable for Free Reformed members as well. Please click on the links and enjoy reading.

Dating – who? The title speaks for itself.

Nothing but your Best: This article is the parents’ address to the students at the graduation event of the Guido Class of 2016. In this time in which the graduation of the year 12 students is coming up again, this provides a good encouragement to our students as well.