No consensus on protection of religious freedoms

With same-sex marriage set to be legalised, there is still no consensus on how religious freedom will be protected. Some conservative politicians (including Mathias Cormann and Peter Dutton) are pushing for religious freedoms to be protected in separate legislation and debated next year. A second group (including Matt Canavan, Scott Morrison, Eric Abetz and Andrew… Continue reading No consensus on protection of religious freedoms

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WA: Faith-based schools under threat

As was predicted, the legalization of same-sex-marriage (which still has to happen) will not be the end of the crusade of the gay-movement against Christianity. Now they are going after the faith-based schools. Australians are not allowed to have different opinions than theirs, and what is the best way to change the opinions of future… Continue reading WA: Faith-based schools under threat

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“Everyone did what was right in their own eyes” – Part 2

A fundamental shift As mentioned in the previous article the right understanding of the history of Western Civilization is under serious threat in Australian universities, school, media and the arts. The vital big picture developments and crucial events in history are downplayed and replaced by trendy politically correct subjects; this corrupts the understanding of the… Continue reading “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes” – Part 2

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The Reformation

(reported by ARPA Australia) Finally, credit where credit is due. The Hobart Mercury published a guest editorial yesterday giving an overview of the Reformation. The editorial was authored by Campbell Markham, a pastor who faced Tasmania’s Anti Discrimination Commission in August for blog posts about homosexuality.

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WA Police: Ban kids from social media

“PARENTS need to wake up and realise the only way to stop their children being cyberbullied is to ban them from using social media, the WA Police Force warns.” This is what ‘PerthNow’ reported today on its website. The website is quoting acting Assistant Commissioner of State Crime Pryce Scanlan, speaking to an inquiry examining… Continue reading WA Police: Ban kids from social media