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Reformation 500!

Something I read this week:

For you to experience God’s sufficiency in crisis, you must be learning to experience it each day. If you aren’t learning to depend on Him as your refuge, to draw on Him as your resource, and to defer to Him as your Ruler when things are going smoothly, you won’t know how when trouble strikes. A crisis does not make a person, a crisis reveals a person. In a time of trial, you turn to what you trust.

We know that our lives are a journey. We’re walking along a path; think CS Lewis in The Pilgrims Progress. And through our life’s journey, we will face trials and hardships that put our faith to the test. So what are you using to light up that path, to help make sense of it and provide direction as you walk?

No-one goes for a walk in the bush at night without a light. The foolhardy might try… It just isn’t done to think “we’ll see how we go; I’ll put on the light if I need it.” One takes a light of sorts, and away you go!
The same ought to be for the Word. If we believe the above text, then the word is not something we might turn to in a time of crisis or stress, and then leave till next time round. No, the Word is a constant; it is there alongside and never neglected.

This simple message must not only be a conversation item. It must be translated into action. Our children must see us in action, busy with the Word.

For then, when crisis hit us, whilst the alcoholic turns to the bottle, an addict turns to drugs and the worldly person turns to wisdom, we, as God’s children turn to Him. He, and He only, is sufficient to get us through. 
Indeed, “A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing”

With Christian greetings,
M Plug, Principal